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Discover the simplicity and heritage of our Steamed Trout, a demonstration of our traditional steaming technique that enhances the natural flavors of trout.

Individual portions of trout fillets, all carefully debonded by hand. Ready to be served and grade as a cold main dish. They can also be heated by simply submerging the closed package in hot water.

7211_Trota dello chef alle erbe.jpg

SALMON TROUT FILLET with HERBS: defined by the aromatic touch of basil and fennel.

SALMON TROUT FILLET with CITRUS: scented with hand-grated zest of orange, lemon, and lime.

7208_Trota agrumi.jpg
7217 Trota chef salmonata.jpg

SALMON TROUT FILLET, NATURAL: The most versatile fillet, ready to be customized to your liking.

SALMON TROUT FILLET MEDITERRANEAN STYLE: The expression of Italian charm in only two ingredients: tomato and oregano.

7212_Trota mediterranea.jpg
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