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Experience our Salmon. Positioned to captivate different preparations of salmon we celebrate our commitment to quality and our mastery in details. We offer a sensory journey into the art of salmon perfection.

Caught in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean between Alaska and Canada only during the summer months, they are processed using a special technique capable of enhancing the texture and characteristic flavor of the flesh. Since 1980, we have turned fish smoking into an art. An art made exclusively of wood, berries, aromatic herbs, and passion. A process that requires time and artisanal attention, but the results are evident.

This is salmon for connoisseurs, and if we can we would pass to you one piece of advice: taste it.

7293_Salmone Red King affettato.jpg

Red King: The King, the largest! Line-caught, it can weigh up to 15 kg. Long considered the most prized salmon, it is processed using a special technique that enhances the tenderness of the flesh and its distinctive flavor. 

Sockeye: The "Red Salmon," net-caught along the coasts of Alaska, owes its name to the distinctive bright red color of its flavorful and tasty flesh.

-SALMONE SELVAGGIO Friultrota.jpeg

Coho: The Coho is the leanest of wild salmon. Also called "silver," it is line-caught as it ascends to the freshwater of the rivers in Alaska.

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